BNI - Business Network Int'l Milton, Pace & Pea Ridge Florida - Business Networking Milton, Pea Ridge & Pace, Florida.
BNI - Business Networking Milton, Pea Ridge & Pace, Florida.
BNI - Business Networking Milton, Pea Ridge & Pace, Florida.
BNI - Business Networking Milton, Pea Ridge & Pace, Florida.

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About TriCities BNI (Business Network Int'l)

See some of the great comments we have gathered about BNI from the many different print media sources below:

  • The New York Times:  "We’ve had some tremendous stories. There is a printer in our group who met a real estate agent…That agency wanted to switch its printing and gave him this job...It was more than a $100,000 job."

  • The Charlotte Observer:  "BNI dominates the networking market... A South Trust Bank loan officer in Charlotte says he expects about $1 million in business this year, almost all through BNI referrals."

  • The Denver Post:  "Ivan Misner [Founder of BNI] says, Word-of-Mouth marketing is a lot like farming, it’s based on slow, nurturing care."

  • Arizona Business Gazette:  "Word-of-Mouth referrals are powerful…you have to learn that giving others business leads will encourage them to direct business your way, too, when there’s an opportunity. Members bring business leads for other members every week."

  • The New Zealand Herald:  "Word-of-Mouth may be one of the oldest forms of advertising but a new variation on the theme is producing remarkable results for businesses...What we are doing is putting in place a structure and training people to network."

  • Los Angles Times:  "Networking is far from peaking...[People] need to network to get business."

  • The Wall Street Journal:  "With many small businesses scrambling to weather the recession, the networking business is thriving...Business people realize that in this tough economy they’ve got to do some extra things."

  • Business Weekly:  "Business Network Int’l... an organization that offers highly motivated business people a weekly no-nonsense breakfast meeting that virtually guarantees them customer leads."

  • The Milwaukee Business Journal:  "BNI, a networking organization whose chief purpose is to produce sales referrals for its members...they are here to help you make money."

  • The Indianapolis Star:  "Quality people tend to deal with quality people."

  • Fort-Worth Star Telegram:  "The group has become one of the largest networking organizations in the country...Networking and bringing members sales referrals is the purpose of the group...Members commit to showing up to the weekly meetings with "hot" sales referrals for other members."

  • Baltimore Business Journal:  "Business owners dedicated to helping each other every week with generating sales referrals...The members are your sales force as well as your customers...Not just a coffee klatch... If you join a group like this, you are joining to generate business referrals."

  • Boston Business Journal:  "It’s the value of the seat that attracts people...BNI gives a structured format for referral passing."

  • Las Vegas Sun:  "BNI, a business contacts generating organization...generate contacts for thousands of business [people] who need networking to grow."

  • The Tampa Tribune:  "This is a way for people to give referrals to each other…a 15 member BNI chapter generates 45 to 50 monthly business referrals for members…With 30 members the number triples."

  • San Francisco Business Times:  "To make the most of business mixers, take these tips from...BNI."

  • The London Times:  "If you believe that most business comes through networking with whom you know - then BNI is for you."

  • Entrepreneur:  "A structured Word-of-Mouth marketing program that turns people into sales representatives for your company."

  • The Boston Globe:  "In 1994, based on more than 300,000 referrals, BNI accounted for $105 million worth of new business [for its members]."

History of BNI Int'l

  Mission: To help people increase their business through a structured, positive, and supportive word of mouth marketing program.

The Most Important 'Meal' of the Dayy

  The breakfast meeting where business is the most important item on the menu.

The 60 Second Speech

  The secret of making the maximum impact in a single memorable minute.

What the press is saying about BNI


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